L+F Wedding // DIY: Floral Arrangements

Monday, October 31, 2016

This post is kind of 2 years late? Hahahaha Leon and I - we're celebrating our 2 years anniversary come 22 November! So I wanted to do a couple flower arrangement to prettify my room / gatecrash table with all the props and games and eventually used at the wedding dinner reception table as well.

Wore my furry hoodie to Far East Florals to shop for flowers a day before the wedding! It's really really cold there bbbrrrrrrrrr. so suit up if you're the kind like me who don't specifically have something in mind and likes to take time to slowly shop around so you don't freeze till your teeth chatters.

Got us some blooms!

So my room is all in this pretty mess all day while I do my arrangements.

This was only my 2nd time doing a flower arrangements so I thought it wasn't too bad! :D


♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick. 

#FideLeonHome House Tour - The Living Area

Monday, October 24, 2016

Earlier I shared on the house tour of our Master Bedroom and I'm back to share more on our living area! Our herringbone floors are done with vinyl floorings and it's easily one of my favorite feature in our home, 2nd would probably be the wood paneling which really added character to our home.

So.. we don't have a TV, but we're using a projector and it is incredibly awesome! Since we don't watch TV for years now so we don't exactly care for the channels on TV, all the stuff we watch is streamable online such as netflix, kissasian etc.

Initially I only wanted to get an adorable palm sized pico-projector so I can project my TV shows from my laptop to on the ceiling so I can laze in bed and watch my show on the ceiling. This is Level 100 lazy i swear hahaha, but with the recommendation by my colleague, Leon and I bought this killer gorgeous 4K projector and installed it in our living area instead.

I love that the home theater system fits nicely with out home theme and looks very subtle and it comes with spotify so I can play, adjust the volume, change tracks via my spotify app even while I'm cooking or at the dining table. We have a Audio Technica turntable to play our vinyls on (we got a whole stack of awesome vintage vinyls from Leon's daddy) and a Minux Neo linked up to our Yamaha amp/projector.

Another panoramic! We also concealed our bomb shelter and have the wall paneling start from the entrance as well for the seamless look.

Aww! Zen brought us this incredibly awesome and thoughtful housewarming gift - The new #LifesmartSG Air Purifier!

They knew we were using the #LifeSmartSG smart home system and they got this for us to really complete our already pretty comprehensive system! Esp now that we're staying in a new BTO whereby lots of our neighbors is still doing their renovation or even up till now they haven't even gotten their keys yet, there will be lots of renovation dust/dirt in the air!

The #LifeSmartSG air purifier can clean up to an impressive 477m sq/hour, effectively purifying 60m sq all in under 6 minutes! The best thing about it is that it can be linked and all the LifeSmart linked lights and appliances can be controlled via our #LifeSmartSG app which has a really user friendly interface, lol perfect for lazy people like me!
Now we don't even have to get out of bed to turn off the lights before we go to bed or open the curtain when we get up in the morning, just a click on the app! We also have the motion sensor system to trigger certain lights the moment we step in the house so we don't have to struggle to find the light switch in the dark when we first get home, no more fumbling in the dark in the middle of the night when we walk out of the bedroom to get a glass of water. DAEBAK!

Now we can set certain timings to on and off the air purifier or we can turn on the #LifeSmartSG purifier with our app when we're on our way home so the air within our home in already purified and clean before we get home!

By the way this is not an ad ok (we bought the entire LifeSmart smart home system on our own, not sponsored) just sharing one of the new awesome home items we're using for #FideLeonHome!

They even came to film their promo video at our home a couple months back.
You can watch the video over at LifeSmart's FB page!

Our vacuum robot is the best buy EVER. I swept and mop the floor like a grand total of ONCE the whole 4 months since we have moved into our apartment and I have our vacuum robot to thank for the clean, nice feel when we come home every evening.

We got ours from Ecovacs, we schedule it to "start work" everyday at 3pm so by the time we reach home our home would be clean! It also comes with the wet function so we could add our Method squirt + mop floor cleaner  to the liquid compartment and the robot will mop away and leaving the floor smelling amazing and feeling oh-so clean!

This chest houses all our vintage vinyls, wedding albums etc!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#OllieTheSheltie: Puppy haul on KOHEPETS!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I'm not sure if you've seen my #PuppyHaul(s) on instagram, here is #PuppyHaul 1, #PuppyHaul 2 , but I really love love love shopping online and buying all sorts of random (and necessary) shit for my pup (and myself of course)!

When I first discovered KOHEPETS, an online pet supply store, I recalled reading on Holly Jean's blog about how she pampers her pup Lola and treating her to a variety of treats and food. 

I pretty much had enough of running to the nearest pet store only to find that they don't specifically stock this brand or that product which I read reviews of online and wanted to get for Ollie and going home feeling disappointed, so I was checking out KOHEPETS site and to my pleasant surprise, they stock an impressive range of brands and products that I was planning to get!

Fast forward just 2 days after submitting my order (they accept cash on delivery or card payment on their site), #PuppyHaul 3 came:

KOHEPETS provides FREE 2-day delivery with purchase of $60.00 (which honestly is not hard to hit at all if you're shopping for 1-2 months worth of food/treats/supplements/toys at a time!)

I ordered a bunch of different brands of canned food for Ollie to try!
Wellness, Merrick, NUTRIPE and Really Pet Food.

I was previously researching on dog food and read about some of the higher quality dog food brands but I was not able to find some of these brands in some pet stores that I went to, but KOHEPETS stocks an array of popular and good brands such as Merrick and Wellness. These are 2 out of 5 top-rated dog food brands.

I'll definitely get my kibbles from them when I run out of my current bag.
Currently we have tried Wellness, Just For Puppy canned food mixed with his kibbles and Ollie just sluuuuuurps it up.

Awwww! You and your happy lil' tum tum!

Treats is a must-have around the house now that we're doing potty/obedience training at the moment, he's pretty food motivated- so lucky us! But this little guy way too smaaaaaart can, he wouldn't do sit or down if we don't have any treats in our hands and this dog KNOWS if you're trying to trick him! LOL

The first bag of treats I bought him when he came home with us was the Absolute Holistic Duck Jerky Sushi and he likes that stuff so I ordered the lamb version too. The Wellness Petite treats sounded yummy to me, one of my favorite combinations - apple + cinnamon! And I like that these are small enough that Ollie wouldn't get full too quickly on treats while training that it ruins his appetite for his next meal.

There are so many interesting brands/range of treats available, I'll definitely try other brands/flavors on my next order!

Toys toys toys! 

They stock a pretty comprehensive range and brands such as KONG as well, whereas Pets Lovers only carry a super limited, select few items from KONG, KOHEPETS has almost the full range I believe! Previously I was considering ordering some of their toys from Amazon previously but now I don't have to! 

The KONG WOBBLER is pretty useful to get your pup to eat his meals, Ollie wouldn't eat his dry kibbles if it wasn't mixed with wet food topping, if you put down a bowl of dry kibbles he would just ignore it. He would only have the dry kibble with a fun interactive toy such as the KONG WOBBLER. I can put up to 2 cups of kibble in there with no problem at all.

The KONG CuteSeas Octopus legs has this crinkly sounding material in the legs when you move it around and I love that it looks absolutely hilarious!

OK... Ollie,  dude could you just please. chill. out.

I was about to take a shot when he literally just bounced on and attacked his new Dogstagram toy!
He's totally into soft toys that he can really chew into and with the crinkly noise and squeaker in there, it seems like it's totally satisfying to chew on, just right up his alley.

This post is in collaboration with KOHEPETS.COM.SG
10% off your next order on KOHEPETS for TheLuckiestChick readers!
Quote "FIDELIS10" upon checkout.
Promo applies till 30 Nov 2016.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#FideLeonHome: We got a new pup, Ollie!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Just a couple weeks back, Leon and I were researching on which breed of pup we would be most likely to get when we're ready (well I've always been ready for a new pup but Leon didn't want one so soon), some of the breeds that we shortlisted was Shiba Inu, Shetland Sheepdog, Japanese Splitz and we watched a ton of videos and read up on each breed's temperament etc and we settled on Shetland Sheepdog, a good medium sized pup well-suited for apartment living (with sufficient daily exercise of course)!

We were planning to maybe find one at the end of the year or even mid next year, but the other day since we didn't have anything much to do after my bridal job on a Sunday in mid-September, we decided to go to the dog kennels at pasir ris farmway to take a look, but just to take a look!

And then you know what eventually happened. Haha

Here's our adorable little Ollie!

He's currently 4 months old and gotten all his vaccination now, since our apartment is just by the waterway, we have been taking walks in the evening and it has been lovely!

It's now the 3rd week since Ollie has come to live with us and he surprises us with his funny antics all the time and he's such a joy to have around. hehe sometimes we know what he's doing is absolutely naughty but yet I can't help but laugh instead of giving a firm NO. :x

We intend to send our hyper ass puppy to "puppy school" soon for obedience training, do you have any good experiences/recommendations for any trainers in particular? Do share!

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

#FideLeonHome House Tour - The Master Bedroom

Monday, October 10, 2016

It's been ages since my last post! Awhile ago I shared the photo of our bedroom on Instagram and somebody requested that I update how #FideLeonHome looks like as of now, so here goes!

It's still an ongoing project of course haha we're constantly looking out for pretty decors to add to our home still, ok scratch that, I am constantly looking out haha. Leon being a guy-guy wouldn't care for stuff like this. I'm thankful that he pretty much allowed me to do up the house as I like. (:

In case you are curious, we spent a total of roughly 60k on renovation, flooring, doors, electronics including such as washer/dryer, dish washer, oven/microwave, vacuum robot, home theater sound systems (lol the one thing Leon insisted on) etc.

Thank god for Taobao, so much nicer choices at way better prices than SG! I shopped and bought most of our home stuff from decors to from there such as our bedframe, bedside tables, all our lightings, tv console, coffee table etc!

We have hacked two rooms to create a more spacious master bedroom and I love that the balcony is in our room beside our bed, making the space so much brighter, airy and more inviting. You can see the entire room if you zoom in on the panoramic image below.

Bath tub time is never boring too! hehe I always bring a beer or a glass of umeshu and my laptop to entertain me while i enjoy my relaxing me-time. :D

When we chose this block and unit 4 years ago, Leon was really good at checking the morning/evening sun, and based on the model what our views from our home would be (he better be, since he's a property agent! :D) and honestly, I think we have the perfect home! 

In the morning we have plenty of gorrrrrgeous morning light, our Lifesmart smart curtain is scheduled to be drawn automatically at 7.20am and I always feels so refreshed and happy to wake up in a light filled room. Nothing makes me more miserable than having to drag myself out of bed when the whole room is dark like I'm meant to sleep in for a couple more hours.

The Waterway Cascadia estate itself is really beautiful, it's tiered like this, shorter stacks in front just right smack on the Waterway, the center portion is the garden on level 2 and higher stacks at the back. Friends and my clients who came to my place to visit and for their makeovers / bridal trials always commented that the estate totally has the condo feel!

Found this 3 photos on our waterway cascadia fb group, another resident posted these:

They even made the entrance/pick up point for the Waterway Cascadia so beautiful with marbled tiles + silver lettering! 

Entrance to Waterway Cascadia from the Waterway itself, from here it's only a short 5 - 10 mins stroll to waterway point! So our masterbed room balcony overlooks the garden and a peeeeek into the waterway and I think it's really lovely with the sunset in the evenings as well.

The view from our balcony at dusk

and sunny in the day!
Will share more about the rest of the house sometime soon.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.